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    Select a country from the top menu to find information on work permits for contractors in that destination. We have information on work permits, how to get a work permit and the process for contractors to get a work permit More

  • Get Sponsored

    Contractors can get sponsored for a work permit provided you have a contract offer. You may also need:

    1. a Uni degree & 5+ years relevant work experience
    2. to work in IT, Energy, Engineering, Telecommunications or Finance
    3. to earn at least USD 400 per day
  • Work Permits

    Work Permits provide foreign nationals with employment permission. The rules and requirements for sponsorship vary by country and sometimes also by profession.

  • How we help

    We connect you to immigration and sponsorship specialists in over 100 countries to enable you to get a contractor work permit. Just tell us what you need.

UK Contractor Work Permit

Contractors don’t have an easy time trying to get an UK work permit. The process is geared towards longer-term employees, and it often results in mountains of paperwork for contractors. It’s more difficult because most work permits are assigned to permanent employees of an British company. As a contractor the end client won’t employ you directly. Finding a workable solution to this problem is difficult, but with the aid of a contractor management company in UK (otherwise known as an umbrella company) you can be sponsored for a work permit that can be used with any end client in UK.