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Kenya Contractor Work Permit Process

Arranging your Kenya work permit is an important step towards becoming a contractor in the country. Whether you’re an oil and gas worker, a software developer, a business analyst, an IT project manager or a telecommunications contractor, you’ll need to arrange a work permit before you’re allowed to earn any money in the country. This requires a lot of paperwork, and because of the processing time you’ll have to do it well before you start contracting in Kenya. Gaining an understanding of the Kenya contractor work permit process helps you determine the best course of action.

Kenya Work Permit Processing Time for Contractors

You’re advised to organise your Kenya work permit well in advance of when you’ll need it. Technically, Kenya work permits only allow you to work for one employer in one location; the employer that “sponsors” the permit for the duration of your contract. This causes obvious problems for contractors because of the temporary nature of each job. To remain in the country and continue working for another employer you have to change the details of your permit so you’re covered for your new position.

This gets dull pretty quickly, because each time you change it you have to wait for it the permit to be processed again. If it’s particularly slow, you could risk having your original permit expire before you get the new one. Plus you are at the mercy of the employer to hurry the process along which can be frustrating. This not only means you’ll need to find contracts well in advance, there is also additional paperwork for you to wade through. Kenya work permit processing can be lumbering and slow when you arrange things for yourself.

How Do I Speed Up Kenya Work Permit Processing?

The simplest way to speed up Kenya work permit processing is to keep one employer for your entire stay. This seems incompatible with contracting at first, but if you use one of our contractor management company (or umbrella company) partners, you can operate in your normal way but enjoy the benefits of a fixed sponsor. Our Kenya umbrella company partners can sponsor you for your work permit; regardless of how many employers you complete contracts for during your stay. They even collect your payments, pay your taxes (including handling the admin) and send the net salary to you. Plus, they have a comprehensive knowledge of local tax law so you can rest assured that you’re compliant.

How We Can Help You Find an Kenyan Umbrella Company

We work closely with umbrella companies in Kenya and have a detailed knowledge of the different services they offer. If you’re concerned about arranging a work permit in Kenya, we can put you in contact with the right company. We have many partners who specialise in Kenya work permits, and they keep up to date with the relevant information. With your payments running through an umbrella company, you keep more of your money, comply with all local laws and save yourself hours of paperwork getting your Kenya work permit. We offer free advice on the different options available, and we can also answer any questions you might have. There is no charge and no obligation if you use our service.

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