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Guinea Contractor Work Permit

Contractors don’t have an easy time trying to get an Guinea work permit. The process is geared towards longer-term employees, and it often results in mountains of paperwork for contractors. It’s more difficult because most work permits are assigned to permanent employees of an Guinean company. As a contractor the end client won’t employ you directly. Finding a workable solution to this problem is difficult, but with the aid of a contractor management company in Guinea (otherwise known as an umbrella company) you can be sponsored for a work permit that can be used with any end client in Guinea.

What is an Guinea Work Permit?

To work in virtually any country, you need to be officially allowed to earn money there by the country’s immigration service. Guinea work permits are specific to a certain employer and are geared towards long term moves. Most overseas workers will be moving abroad for a single job, and this makes the process a lot simpler. The employer “sponsors” the employee, essentially taking responsibility for their stay in the country and confirming that they will be working during their stay. This allows the employee to remain in the country for a designated period of time, which usually matches the length of their assignment. The work permit is extendable so the employment can continue indefinitely.

Is There an Guinea Contractor Work Permit?

Getting an Guinea work permit for contractors is even more difficult. The problem most contractors have is that they don’t stay with employers for extended periods of time and they need to start assignments quickly. Changing employer isn’t usually covered on work permits, unless you have a skill which is both required and uncommon in the specific country. You can switch employer, but you have to alter your work permit to match your shift in employer, which requires a lot of administrative work.

Are There Any Other Options for Guinea Contractors?

If you’d rather avoid spending hours hunched over paperwork or using expensive immigration lawyers whenever you get a new contract, then there is another option available. Umbrella companies in Guinea can take you on as an “employee” but allow you to continue operating in your ordinary way. You send your timesheets to the umbrella company for the time you’ve worked and they invoice the client or recruitment agency, collect the funds, pay your taxes and send the rest to you. That means you are technically employed by them regardless of which contract you work on. Some of these companies can sponsor your work permit, which removes the hassle of contracting in Guinea. They’re also experts in Guinean taxation, so you’ll abide by local laws and keep the biggest proportion of your income possible.

How We Can Help with Your Guinea Work Permit

We work with several Guinea umbrella companies, including ones which can sponsor work permits. The specific services each one offers can vary, but we have a comprehensive knowledge of the different specialisations and we’ll suggest the best options to you. In partnership with umbrella companies, we can help people like telecommunications contractors, oil and gas workers, IT project managers, business analysts and software developers get contractor work permits for Guinea. We also give great advice. Immigration laws are chopped and changed regularly, so it’s hard to keep up with the latest developments. We have links with experts in Guinean taxation and immigration policies and we ensure you receive up-to-date, accurate information. There is no charge whatsoever for our service and you are under no obligations whatsoever. We’re just here to help!

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